SD-WAN PRO is our newly released SD-WAN, internet bonding and failover solution. Uniquely developed to support internet bonding, failover and wide area-networking applications.

What is SD-WAN pro?

SD-WAN Pro combines the traditional features of software defined wide area networking with advanced standalone features for enhanced bonding of multiple internet sources (cellular, satellite and fixed line) using our bespoke algorithms to optimise the traffic flow in the bond.

  • Create unbreakable internet
  • Improve speed, latency and security with resilience
  • Build your own private network
  • Monitor and manage connectivity in real time
  • Eliminate downtime

SD-WAN PRO bonding & failover

Bond any combination of up to 12 internet legs across fixed line, satellite, and cellular connectivity with speeds ranging from 100Mbps up to 2Gbps per second. Create premium, resilient and secure virtual leased lines for your business with SD-WAN Pro.


The SD-WAN Pro solution provides a secure, unbreakable internet connection by merging a variety of internet sources, including fixed line, cellular SIM card(s) and satellite. Each of these connections are referred to as a 'leg'. When one or more of these legs are aggregated, the term is referred to as 'bonding'


The SD-WAN Pro solution enables failover internet and resilience. Any internet leg can be selected as primary source of internet. If the primary source disconnects the SD-WAN Pro solution seamlessly connects to any predefined mix or fixed line, cellular and/or satellite internet connection(s) in its place ensuring unbreakable internet connectivity.

Wide-Area Network

Each SD-WAN Pro box includes a fixed Public Static IPv4 address ensuring a fat-pipe connection is always routed through the same IP address. This functionality enables the creation of a secure wide-area network when multiple SD-WAN Pro boxes are connected to each otehr. This creates a single Network across global locations.



  • SD-WAN Classic box;
  • Internal Quectel LTE CAT-6 modem
  • SIM card slot (inside the casing)
  • 4 x RJ45 external ports
  • 4 x USB Ports
  • 2 x high-gain external antenna
  • Up to 3 internet legs with 100mbps upload/download capacity
  • Set up assistance from an SD-WAN Pro expert
  • Platform training for future management



  • Internal Quectel LTE CAT-6 modem
  • SIM card slot (inside the casing)
  • 8 x RJ45 external ports
  • 4 x USB 3.0 Ports
  • 2 x high-gain external antenna
  • Up to 5 internet legs with 1,000mbps upload/download capacity
  • Set up assistance from an SD-WAN Pro expert
  • Platform training for future management

External USB SIM

2 high-gain antenna

  • USB A to USB C cable
  • Quectel LTE CAT-6 modem
  • External metal casing
  • 2FF SIM slot Both The ‘Classic’ & ‘XL’ boxes include a Modem & SIM slot inside of the box. If more than one Cellular internet leg is required our external USB SIM Module is required 

Technology Features

Seamless integration with existing network architecture with centralised service monitoring.

End-to-end, bi-directional Quality of Service

The SD-WAN PRO services offer reliable end-to-end QoS over multiple WAN connections in a simplified manner.

Smart (Transparent) same IP Failover

This enables the ability to survive WAN connections’ outages without a change in public IP addresses allowing for session continuity.

Real-time data compression

The SD-WAN PRO technology enables real time data compression on the network layer to accelerate data transfers for uncompressed data.
Sent and received data is automatically compressed in real time to save bandwidth and further improve WAN performance.

Optimized bandwidth aggregation

The SD-WAN PRO services use our proprietary traffic distribution algorithm to aggregate the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections and create a virtual fat-pipe whose speed is equal to the sum of the speeds of the individual WAN connections used.

Jumbo Frames

The SD-WAN RO technology uses Jumbo Frames to achieve higher protocol efficiency. The larger frame size enables a larger payload size, thus the SD-WAN PRO technology achieves less protocol overhead and the bandwidth saved is available for the packets’ payload.

Transparent routing

The SD-WAN PRO network appliance offers the ability of transparent routing via the bridged mode functionality. It enables the transparent operation of SD-WAN PRO network appliance by forwarding the provided public IP addresses to the relevant internal network.

Local Internet Breakout

We have set up multiple data centres across the globe to link with the CPEs (customer premise equipment) in order to provide a low latency – low jitter resilient redundant connection for our customers.


Athens, London, Salonica, Gravelines, Roubalix, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Madrid, Amsterdam


New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Beauharnois, Toronto, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City

Asia and Australasia

Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Tokyo

Africa and Middle East

Dubai, Lagos, Johannesburg, Accra

Who is SD-WAN Pro ideal for?

  • Those who have no fixed line internet connectivity
  • Those who need to ensure that their devices are always connected through a single static IP
  • Those who need additional resilience for their business services
  • Those who are in an area of low cellular signal and need to boost their bandwidth of connectivity
  • Those that need a temporary internet solution


The SD-WAN Pro technology is already being used in Europe by major brand retailers & the largest global online retailer  to improve internet resilience & redundancy in store and in their warehouse infrastructure.


SD-WAN Pro is currently being used by one of the largest Banks in Africa to create internet access in remote rural areas by either bonding multiple cellular or cellular & satellite connections to enable Banks to be set up where previously the internet was not robust enough to support banking requirements.

Watch this space

In Q1 2023 Ritesim will be launching a new 5G enabled version of SD-WAN Pro with capacity to bond multiple legs including 5G LTE and with aggregated bonded speeds of up to 2Gbps

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