IoT data

With our competitive and flexible tariff and contract options, we’re sure that we can find a solution that works for you

IoT Data

  • Tariffs that start as low as £0.75
  • Spread your data across all your devices with data
  • Pay as you go or unlimited options
  • No setup or activation costs
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  • Monthly rolling contract. Cancel anytime
  • One contract, access to over 500 network operators in
    20 countries
  • Manage your own usage, alerts and bolt-ons with the
    connectivity management portal
  • Connect to any cellular or low power network
  • Try free test SIMs before purchasing


  • Any SIM for any network with access to multiple network operators globally
  • Connect to any cellular or low power network available automatically with no hidden roaming fees
  • Create your own tariff for specific countries and regions
  • Multi-network connectivity will always provide the strongest signal.


Monthly data bundle

Where will your devices operate?

We offer a minimum of 2 Network Operators in each country

£ 0.75

Our team is happy to help for a more more in-depth requirement.

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Here at Ritesim, we understand that not everyone has the knowledge and understanding they need to navigate the world of IoT connectivity. We’re here to help you as your connectivity partner to create the solution you need for your business.

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Ritesim have a team of technical experts that can support you in creating your own private networks, configure hardware or support global IoT deployments.

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