Multi-Network SIM Cards for Pet Tracking and Monitoring

A successful pet tracking company who provide the UK market with a leading product combining digital activity monitoring, live location tracking, and security features via a mobile app were preparing for launch of their new v2 Pet Tracking device in the UK. This was made possible by multi-network SIMs, allowing v2 to be released for Pet Owners in The UK, across the EU, USA and China.

The Problem

There were three fundamental changes needed for a successful and scalable launch of the v2 Pet tracker;

1) To reduce risk a move from a standard removable plastic SIM card to an embedded MFF2 chip SIM that is inserted during manufacturing

2) A commercially viable, multi-Network global data tariff to enable seamless expansion for existing and potential future markets

3) In-house, real-time control

How Ritesim created a solution

Ritesim created the perfect solution by supplying MFF2 chip SIM’s delivered to factory and a fully flexible global tariff which enables access to up to 4 x tier 1 Network Operators in each country. The custom tariff also provides total flexibility so there is no charge for any SIM that uses zero data in any month. This simple no use, no pay condition can provide significant cost reductions for companies whose products have sporadic usage.

The leading IoT connectivity management platform Cisco Jasper was also provided giving the customer Network quality real-time control of all SIM cards in every destination. Using the information available in Cisco Jasper Ritesim deliver monthly data usage reports for each sales channel and country providing a valuable understand of customer usage trends across all territories

The Result

A successful, stress-free launch to all markets was achieved resulting in 30% growth in year 1 and improved margins. The real-time control through Cisco Jasper has also helped the company see an improvement in customer service satisfaction and brand recognition in the international Pet Care industry.

Here at Ritesim we pride ourselves on our premium connectivity solutions. If you have any questions or would like a custom tariff specifically for you, use the form below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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