Fixed IP
SIM cards.

Global multi-network Fixed IP SIMs with public or private static addresses. Ideal for M2M and IoT deployments and internet failover solutions.

Why a Ritesim

Fixed IP SIM?

A Fixed IP SIM cards create dependable internet connections and facilitates two-way communication between you and your connected devices. Our Fixed IP multi-network SIM Cards provide you with a stable Public or Private Fixed IP address for secure connection to your devices from anywhere in the world. Improve your connectivity and streamline IoT deployments by utilising our multi-network connectivity, port forwarding capabilities and comprehensive technical know-how.


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Applications of

Ritesim’s innovative Fixed IP SIM cards offer businesses a powerful yet cost-effective connectivity solution with multiple benefits. These SIM cards serve dual purposes: they enable incoming traffic to be seamlessly routed to any device connected to a 4G or 5G LTE router, and they provide verified identification to access protected corporate resources. By leveraging the mobile network, Fixed IP SIM cards eliminate the need for expensive site visits, broadband installation fees, and manned monitoring while providing flexible global coverage and robust security.


Dependable Data

A Ritesim Fixed IP SIM card offers a dependable data solution with a secure, unchanging IP address. Featuring multi-network capabilities across all major networks, Ritesim’s Fixed IP SIM card selects the strongest signal available for a reliable connection globally. The SIM automatically connects to the best available signal with no disruption in connectivity.  Our Fixed IP SIM cards can be paired with pre-configured routers for a seamless “plug & play” experience. 

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Reduce site-visits and

Reduce costs

Ritesim’s Fixed IP Data SIM cards are available on a huge choice of 500+ established global networks, and can be deployed either as the primary method of connectivity or as an internet failover/ back-up solution for when broadband or Wi-Fi fails. As these SIM’s are on specific business internet tariffs, generally your data costs will be reduced as well as the added bonus of your workers not needing to do as many site-visits as all Fixed IP SIM’s can be connected to remotely.

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Manage your Fixed IP SIMs with
network and real-time

Data and analytics.

Manage all your SIMs and devices through your own dedicated connectivity management portal.

  • Easy to use
  • Advanced analytics
  • Real-time analytics
  • Network level visibility of all your devices
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Public or private

Fixed IP adresses

Ritesim are able to provide both Public and Private Fixed IP addresses with all of our SIMs. Whether connecting through an internet host or within a private network, each SIM will remain fixed to its IP address, giving you full access and control over your devices. Please contact us to speak to one of our technical advisors who can advise on the best approach for your business.

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Secure Virtual Private Networks


Ritesim offers customers a comprehensive solution for managing internet access and usage for their mobile workforce. Our SIM cards can be integrated into a secure VPN that routes all data traffic through the customer’s corporate firewall and gateway. This enables the same level of protection, security, and control as accessing the corporate network directly. For even more stringent control, we can restrict SIM cards to only access specific internal applications, effectively transforming general-purpose devices into single-purpose devices dedicated to approved functions. Our solutions provide unparalleled security and control for businesses operating in highly regulated industries or handling sensitive data.

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Unlimited Data tariffs and

Please contact us for an unlimited data tariff price. Our team are able to provide bespoke and bulk pricing for large data requirements.

Our tariffs are split across multi-network and single-network contracts each available in bundles starting as low as 500MB up to 100GB.

We strongly recommend that you contact us to discuss your data, address rental, hardware and any configuration needs but we have provided indicative pricing across regions here. 

Increase your internet security with our

Fixed IP Multi-Network SIMs

Ritesim’s innovative Fixed IP SIM cards offer businesses a powerful yet cost-effective connectivity solution with multiple benefits. Featuring powerful multi-network capabilities a Ritesim SIM selects the strongest signal available for a reliable connection from anywhere. If any network connection is lost, the SIM automatically connects to the best available signal with no disruption in connectivity.

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Take a look at a recent case stuudy

Case Study

Effective monitoring and management of wind turbines is critical for safe and efficient operation under variable weather conditions. Failure to effectively monitor the equipment can result in costly requiring costly cleanup efforts when things go wrong, and lost revenue from electricity generation. Providing a standard fixed line connection for monitoring is costly due to the need of laying new cables from the closest telephone junction.

As a solution, Ritesim deployed multi-network SIM cards with fixed IP addresses for remote access to the turbines. While connectivity is now straightforward, we also needed to address security and reliability concerns. To avoid transmitting data over the public internet. We use a private APN to create a layer 2 connection and secure the connection using VPN encryption via hardware devices like integrated router/firewall device. This ensures that each wind turbine can now be securely connected and remotely monitored.

Fixed IP SIM Cards FAQs

A Fixed IP SIM is a type of SIM card that provides a fixed IP address compared to the Dynamic IP address provided by regular SIM cards. Every device that connects to the internet requires an IP address, which is a unique identifier that allows it to communicate with other devices. With regular SIM cards, the device is assigned a new IP address each time it connects to the internet, which can be problematic for some businesses. However, with a fixed IP SIM, the device the SIM once installed, is assigned a static IP address that never changes.

Selecting fixed IP addresses requires a consideration of your business’s goals and needs regarding networking and connectivity solutions. Opt for public fixed addresses when reliable access to external resources outside your local area network is required, while private fixed IP addresses are optimal for those who value security and stability within their internal networks while safeguarding against potential external threats.
Ritesim can offer both Public and Private Fixed IP addresses, however we recommend you call us to talk through your requirements before making the decison.

We recommend that you call us to discuss your requirements and to receive a bespoke quote. Where appropriate we can discuss any support you might need in configurations, APN settings and help you source a router if also required to go with your SIM?

Non-steered multi-networks have built in failover capabilities that increase your internet resilience in your devices. However it may be more cost effective or appropriate to use a single network tariff on a very low or very high data usage use case. We recommend you giving us a call to discuss the best option for you.

No, Ritesim are happy to help anyone that needs a premium business connectivity solution. We do not impose a minimum order quantity on our customers.

Yes, we are happy to provide test or trial SIMs to you for a short period to ensure that our service is right for you. This is usually free of charge, although in some instances we may charge a small fee to cover any delivery or hardware loans.

Whilst this is possible through the dedicated connectivity management portal that we provide as part of our overall service to you – it is not recommended. 

Due to the nature of remote management and monitoring in M2M. It is crucial to have continuous remote access to equipment installed in remote locations. Without this access, it is impossible to determine if any malfunctions are equipment faults or merely a data limitation. Additionally, limiting data usage may impair the ability to receive alarms through the internet, particularly in the case of CCTV applications.

With these SIM cards, you can enjoy aggregated data across all your cards on the same tariff, and always keep your Public IPv4 address no matter what network you’re connected to. Sometimes called Any-Network SIMs, Dual SIMs, or Multi-network Roaming SIMs, these cards are perfect for businesses that need cost effective 4G connectivity across multiple sites in the UK , Europe or globally. Importantly, we do not charge additional roaming fees on your tariff. Our SIM’s are able to seamlessly roam across your chosen regions without any additional costs or need to further configure your routers and devices. 

You can check our coverage map here.

Upon a completed order we aim to send SIM cards out the next business working day upon receipt of a signed contract by next working day recorded delivery. If you require a faster deployment, please make this clear as soon possible and we will do all we can to accomodate your needs.

When we send you your final contract you will see the option to pay by direct debit or credit card – in many cases the upfront costs are taken by credit card with monthly rentals paid via direct debit. We are able to support other payment options, please call us to agree payment terms and options that may be suitable for you. We are able to receive almost all global currencies and are happy to accommodate your payment needs.

Opting for a Fixed IP SIM Card with a Public IP address grants direct Internet accessibility to your device. It is your responsibility to  configure the security settings for both your router and connected devices. We also have a team of technical experts here who are able to support you in this configuration and provide support and guidance on the amount of security your Fixed IP SIM with a public address will provide. For a safer remote access alternative, we recommend acquiring a Fixed IP SIM Card with a Private IP address that mandates VPN creation to the Fixed IP SIM provider before connecting to your router and connected devices.

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