Global Leading Retailer Keeps Trading with M2M SIMs, Europe

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‘Always on’ retail with M2M SIMs’


For many retail outlets, an ‘always-on’ internet connection is critical for any who utilises an integrated stock control and payment system.A drop in connectivity can have real business impact, if for example a shop can no longer take payments due to poor internet connection. If the internet goes down for any reason then the shop needs to close as it cannot take payments. Therefore in recent years resilient systems include bonding or aggregating cellular with ethernet connectivity

Our customer is a global brand name who operates a number of small retail shops globally. Ritesim are supporting their connectivity requirements in Europe with our comprehensive IoT solution.


The customer faced a number of problems

  • Many shops were in remote locations
  • A back-up solution has sharply irregular usage patterns
  • Having non-steered access to multiple networks in a single location is critical
  • Centralised control of all European connections required


A Ritesim non-steered roaming SIM linked to the powerful Cisco Jasper real-time control platform. The tariff needed to be bespoke and tailored for this customer because of the irregular monthly usage patterns .


The customer has an ‘always-on’ connection with zero downtime in past 5 years. All connections are centrally controlled using APIs drawn from the Cisco-Jasper platform. Tariffs have been amended at short notice as data usage patterns change . Immediate response to customer service queries by key personnel at Ritesim has ensured this ‘no downtime’ record has been maintained.

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