Low power SIMs

Ritesim is able to offer a wide range Low Power SIM solutions across LPWAN Networks.

Why a Low Power SIM?

Low Power SIMs operate across Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs), a type of connectivity network used for data communication in IoT and M2M devices. Differing from cellular connectivity LPWAN networks are typically radio based and are more commonly used in manufacturing and remote sensor operations.


Power efficiency:

LPWAN networks are extremely energy efficient as they are only able to send limited amounts of data and usually at interval as they have been specifically designed to extend the battery life of devices they are installed in.


Remote locations:

LPWAN Networks often have better reach and signal than cellular networks in very remote or underground places.

Sleep mode:

Most LPWAN connectivity options allow the SIMs and devices to ‘Sleep’ when not in use, disconnecting them from the network and allowing the device to extend its battery life. This can be as long as 10 years and therefore once installed LPWAN use can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your connected devices.

What are the different types of LPWAN networks?

The most typical LPWAN networks are :

  • NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things)
  • LTE (CAT-M)
  • LoRaWAN (Long range Wide Area Network)

SIM types

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