SIM types

What are the different types

of IoT SIM?

Here at RiteSim all of our SIM cards have specific uses and features that offer unique benefits to a business looking to improve or start their IoT and M2M connectivity. Whether you need an industrial SIM that can work in sub-zero temperatures, a SIM that can connect in any country globally, or you want to create your own private network, each IoT SIM RiteSim connects has a unique capability or feature that means you will always have the best connection possible for your business.

2-in 1

Commercial grade IoT SIMs are our most affordable option for mass production. These are available in all form factors. You can select a dual-cut combination offering 2FF Mini and 3FF Micro form factors.

3-in 1

Similar to 2-in1 but cut three ways to include 4FF nano form factors.

multi-network data sim

Industrial SIM

Industrial SIM cards are typically made form ruggedised plastic, making them more hardwearing and durable than standard SIMs. These are able to come in the 2FF Mini and 3FF nano forms as well MFF2 forms that may be more suitable for manufacturing uses.

Embedded SIM

These SIMS are typically soldered into devices and machinery at manufacturing source.

multi-network tower


Remote SIM Provisioning cards (RSP SIM) Sometimes referred to as an eSIM, these come in the same format as a typical consumer SIM that you would be familiar with. However these have the unique ability to change Network Operator Profiles Over-The-Air (OTA).


LPWAN enabled SIMs, runs on the LTE and NB-IoTNetworks. These are seen as a replacement/upgrade to 2G and are used in mass IoT deployments for remote locations and applications such as smart metering and asset tracking.

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