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‘Always-on’ banking with Multi-network SIMs


Our customer is a major regional Bank who operates ATM machines in Africa. These machines are often in remote locations with complex internet connectivity problems. Often a stable ethernet connection is either not possible or is only available intermittently. An ATM requires an “always-on’’ connection to the internet, providing a secure link to the Bank’s main computer servers. The ATM needs to be secure and able to process transactions 365 days a year.


The bank reached out to us with a number of connectivity challenges:

  • There was no local option to provide connectivity on all 4 of the available network providers.
  • Some towns and villages in that the bank offers services to are only connected via one of the local Multi-Network Operators (MNOs) which proved to be a challenge for the bank to guarantee service to. They had a single point of failure, reliant on the connectivity of one network operator.
  • The local MNOs could not offer competitive tariff packages
  • The bank wanted to utilise the the advanced real-time control system offered by The Cisco-Jasper platform
  • An ‘always-on’ connection was essential to ensure that their customers could access their cash when they wanted


Ritesim provided a global roaming solution that provided connectivity to all four of the local Multi-Network Operators (MNOs). This particular connectivity solution was not steered to any specific MNO, therefore the M2M SIMs connected to the network with the strongest available signal at any time. The SIMs were also connected to the the Connectivity Control Platform – Cisco-Jasper, that gave real-time analytics and advanced data reporting about their M2M SIMs and the devices they were placed in.


Our client now enjoys a 99.5% up time across all of their M2M SIMs and devices. Over 1,000 ATMs are now connected to the solution, enjoying the security of ‘always-on’ and personnel at Head Office able to monitor every connection simply and efficiently via the Cisco-Jasper platform.


If you would like to learn more about our always-on solutions or how our multi-network SIMs can help you improve your connectivity, get in touch using the form below and one of our team will be with you as soon as possible.


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