4G Multi-network SIM cards for events

connectivity for events

Find out how we helped create the ideal connectivity solution using multi-network SIM cards for events

A fast-growing events company that hosts shows across the UK for a variety of industries ranging from car shows to tattoo exhibitions required more reliable connectivity. Our client had been struggling with connectivity at events as W-fi is not always available and existing single network connectivity was prone to weak signal and low speeds in the more remote locations.

The Problem

Our client was using single Network consumer SIM cards in their mobile payment terminals and struggled regularly with weak to no signal at certain locations limiting the ability to receive payments which also negatively affected customer experience. They also found a similar problem trying to use personal mobiles to communicate with each other on-site throughout the day to co-ordinate activities and sales.

The Solution

Ritesim provided IoT (Internet of Things) Multi-Network SIM cards able to access Vodafone, o2, EE & Network Three on a ‘best signal’ automatic connection along with a pay per GB flexible data tariff. IoT SIM cards have a unique number range and receive preferential connectivity vs consumer SIM card number ranges on all Network Operators

The Result

The high-quality connection provided by a Multi-Network IoT SIM card immediately removed any black spots resulting in ‘always on’ connectivity for the payment terminals and happy customers. The company also decided to use the same SIM cards and tariff in their own mobile phones during events to utilize the superior signal strength to communicate with each other through VoiP applications like Whastapp and iPhone Messenger.

They are now able to attend any event location with confidence.

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