Cellular connectivity

Global IoT SIM cards with custom data tariffs, supported by the world’s leading Internet of Things connectivity management platform


Control center.

All Ritesim IoT SIMs come with your own private login for network level real-time data and analytics. Manage all of your data through the award winning Cisco-Jasper connectivity management platform.

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Have complete control.

Have complete control of your connections, data usage, distribution, cost and devices through the simple and easy to use dashboard. Make deploying and scaling your IoT easy with every SIM and its use visible to you, gain insight into your data and proactively manage your IoT devices.


IoT Connectivity.

Ensure your devices can be connected and controlled anywhere with our multi-network SIMs. Able to connect to any network around the world, our SIMs are optimised to ensure that your device is always connected to the network with the strongest signal.

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data analytics dashbaord

Transparent data usage.

With Ritesim’s connectivity control management platform, you are able to see all data usage across all SIMs and devices. 

Watch real-time traffic volume or analyse historical data for trends ensuring you see the whole picture about your data. 

Set up usage alerts and data caps, so you can spot any potential issues right away.

Resilience and

Tracking and monitoring

With thousands of IoT deployments around the world, tracking and monitoring is key. Ritesim’s platform allows you to track and monitor your devices at a network level of visibility. Check connection status, registration, usage, traffic and location from the simple and easy to use dashboard.

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Never lose connectivity with our

Multi-network SIMs

Multi-Network enabled roaming SIMs are game changers for IoT, not only do they connect to network operators globally around the world as the device it’s installed in travels, they are also a failsafe connectivity solution for devices that have to be connected to the internet at all times.

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Simple and

Transparant pricing

Enjoy seamless, reliable connectivity with our multi-network SIM cards! Our flexible approach means no lengthy contracts or hefty charges – tariffs start from as little as 1MB on any network. Plus, thanks to our data management platform you’ll always have full visibility of your usage and be able to make informed decisions about the best plan for you.

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