Secure Vehicle Tracking for Major Logistics Company, Europe

vehicle tracking telemetry m2m

Completely visibility of tracked assets


Our customer is a major logistics company which specialises in transporting goods by sea and road between countries in Northern Europe. The company operates a fleet of sea-ferries in the Baltic and North Sea. These sea vessels also integrate with their large fleet of road haulage vehicles. With 35+ transport hubs, the company is a key player in the movement of goods across Europe. Being such a vital part of many supply chains, and often carrying valuable and special cargo, each vehicle needs to be tracked and monitored to provide invaluable information to the company and its customers.


As part of a program project to centralise all communications into their head office the company had multiple requirements:

  • Control and monitor the movement of mobile assets
  • Track assets such as road haulage vehicles across their network
  • Create a completely secure network only accessible by their own staff to track assets
  • Reduce the risk of data leakage
  • Reduce connectivity down-time
  • Gain visibility of their data usage and optimise where possible with their assets travelling across different countries
  • Reduce the cost of data roaming.


Ritesim created a complex and secure VPN network from our data centre in the Netherlands to each of the key hub locations.

This allowed our client to realise the below benefits:

  • Allocate static IP addresses to each mobile asset through roaming M2M SIMs
  • Creation of firewalls to increase security of their network
  • Reduction in cost of roaming, as each asset moves through different countries
  • Reduction in connectivity downtime, as each SIM can easily switch between multiple networks at each location
  • Complete visibility and control of each SIM and device through their own private connectivity IoT control center platform interface
  • All communications with each device and asset can be done from their headquarters in a highly secure environment.


For more information about how Ritesim can provide you with highly secure connections, telemetry and asset tracking solutions, or global connectivity, get in touch below.

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