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What is

SD-WAN pro?

SD-WAN PRO is our newly released SD-WAN, internet bonding and failover solution. Uniquely developed to support internet bonding, failover and wide area-networking applications.

Bond any combination of up to 12 internet legs across fixed line, satellite, and cellular connectivity with speeds ranging from 100Mbps up to 2Gbps per second. Create premium, resilient and secure virtual leased lines for your business with SD-WAN Pro.

SD-WAN Pro is ideal for....

Those who require:

  • Instant internet. Have a temporary site or need connectivity with no access to a fixed line. SD-WAN Pro is plug and play from day one.
  • Bandwidth Boost. In a low bandwidth area? Get the connectivity you need by merging multiple internet sources.
  • Internet failover. SD-WAN Pro can seamlessly switch connectivity across multiple sources all from the same IP address. Never see a drop in connectivity again.
  • Wide Area Networking.  Connect multiple boxes across multiple locations and create your own secure and private networks with additional internet resilience.
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Unbreakable internet connectivity

Create an unbreakable internet connection by bonding any mix of cellular SIM cards, fixed-line and satellite through a single Static IPv4 Address. The unique technology creates a failsafe internet connection resulting in up-time of over 99.99999%

SD-WAN Pro’s intelligent algorithm guarantees connectivity by bonding multiple internet sources and optimising the bandwidth, packet-loss, latency and jitter in real-time.


Optimised Bandwidth Aggregation

The SD-WAN PRO services use our proprietary traffic distribution algorithm to aggregate the bandwidth of multiple WAN connections and create a virtual fat-pipe, with speeds equal to the sum of the speeds of the individual WAN connections used.

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wide area network across globe

Wide Area Networking

SD-WAN can reduce the need for complex network setups between multiple sites by connecting the SD-WAN appliances as a software defined virtual network for complete management and control. This means your network can exist anywhere, geographically, and be virtually managed as one network across your sites. SD-WAN Pro provides a unified public static IP that is on the appliance itself independent of the addressing of the individual WAN links, allowing for seamless Wide Area Networking.


technology features of


End-to-end, bi-directional Quality of Service

The SD-WAN PRO services offer reliable end-to-end QoS over multiple WAN connections in a simplified manner.

Real-time data compression

The SD-WAN PRO technology enables real time data compression on the network layer to accelerate data transfers for uncompressed data. 

Transparent routing

The SD-WAN PRO network appliance offers transparent routing via the bridged mode functionality by forwarding the provided public IP addresses to the relevant internal network.

Seamless failover

Switch between fixed line, cellular or satellite connectivity without changing IP address across your connected devices.

Internet Bonding

Bond up to 8 multi-network cellular connections with fixed line broadband or satellite for enhanced speeds, bandwidth and reduced latency across your connected devices.

Fixed IP of the hardware

New sites can be set up with the fixed IP of the appliance (email, remote access VPN’s) and run on cellular until a fixed line broadband is installed, without the hassle of reconfiguring once the fixed line is added.

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