Multi-Network SIMs are the game-changer for IoT. Here’s why.

non-steered multi-network SIM

The IoT space has had a huge boom in recent years with arguably Cellular IoT (CIoT) being the main driving force behind the boom. The technology has come on leaps and bounds since its first inception and the ability for IoT to cross borders with no limits means this trend is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Roaming IoT is one of the most important aspects of cellular IoT, largely down to the fact that IoT devices need to be able to be connected to the internet around the world both locally and in transit.

What then makes this critical business operation possible? The answer is multi-network enabled roaming SIMs. Not only do they connect to network operators globally around the world as the device it’s installed in travels, they are also a fail-safe connectivity solution for devices that have to be connected to the internet at all times.

Why multi-network SIMs are a game-changer for IoT

Perhaps the single best thing about multi-network SIM cards is the fact that they can switch between local networks anywhere in the world with ease and without the hassle of needing to set up contracts between those networks as your device connects to each service.

From a logistics point of view not only does this help your admin team avoid the headache of managing those contracts, it also helps your IoT deployment as you don’t have to configure each SIM for each network as it changes, which is not only tedious, but costly too.

Following closely behind the ease of connectivity is the resilience to connectivity that a multi-network SIM can give a business. If one network has an outage, its no problem, the SIM can automatically switch to another keeping your device connected with little to no drop in connectivity.

Last but not least, the SIMs are supported by real-time connectivity control centers such as Cisco-Jasper, that offer enhanced control, data management and analytics for your connected devices. The real-time analytics means that you can view your devices on any network in any country in the world and make changes instantly over-the-air.

Why can’t I use a consumer SIM?

Consumer SIMs are able to roam, however they are limited to one Network operator, removing the benefit of being able to switch between providers and ensuring you always have the best possible coverage available. You would also more than likely end up having a much larger expense, with either paying for more data than you actually need or be hit with expensive roaming and overage costs as you use the SIM around the world.

Future proofed

The multi-network SIMs are future proofed for your business. Not only do they help your growth aspirations today removing unnecessary admin and support business critical operations, they are also able to be provisioned ‘over-the-air’ for 5G and the wealth of opportunity the 5th generation of connectivity will bring.

Roaming capabilities

Ritesim offer non-steered multi-network SIMs as standard, which means that they don’t have home networks as default. This in its simplest terms, means that the SIMs will always find the strongest signal available and connect to that.

Steered SIMs can be provided for certain locations where specific networks are known to be superior, or where companies have multiple SIMs in one device and want to lock SIMs to each network to guarantee resilience. As our solutions generally support vital operations, we nearly always recommend non-steered multi-network SIMs for things such as broadband back-up, fail-over connectivity and business continuity planning which can’t afford to have any down-time at all.

We particularly recommend this solution for services such as telemetry and asset tracking – the technology is fast becoming the gold standard in these operations due to the resilience of the connectivity and the roaming freedom provided when travelling across internationals borders.

Multi-Network SIMs in use

Non-steered Multi-network SIMs are quickly becoming vital components of holistic IoT solutions across multiple verticals.

Across some of our case studies, and use-cases we can highlight the multiple different ways that multi-network SIMs have helped to drive business growth and innovation. From finance and banking, to media and agriculture, these IoT connected SIM cards are the true game-changer for driving IoT connectivity.

To find out more about our non-steered multi-Network SIMs and how we can help you and your business, fill out the contact us form below.


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