Digital Nomad Workers and Multi-network SIMs

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Unsteered Multi-network SIMs have been helping the digital world of business in more ways than one….

The rise of the nomad worker is a trend that we’ve seen accelerate following the Covid-19 pandemic. There are over 35 million digital nomad workers in the workforce globally today. The nomad worker travels whilst they work, and can be completely remote across different regions and countries as they so desire. This however has also seen a rise in need for cost effective and business grade internet connectivity that means these workers are not getting hit with extortionate roaming and data costs as they travel the world.

Unsteered multi-network SIMs

A multi-network SIM has multiple benefits for a digital nomad worker – most important of which is professional grade connectivity that is always connected to the strongest cellular signal. This is made possible by these unique SIMs being able to switch between any available network that is presenting the strongest signal, wherever you are in the world.

Below we’ve outlined a few other unique benefits of multi-network SIMs:

No data roaming fees

Multi-network SIMs are able to connect to over 520 different network operators seamlessly and with no interruption in connectivity as you travel. All from a single tariff these SIMs almost completely remove the risk of data roaming fees.

Single Contract

Connect to the internet in over 180 countries all from a single contract. Avoid the unnecessary admin of getting new tariffs from each new operator in a country, be assured that your SIM will connect to the strongest available signal from your existing contract with Ritesim.

Monthly rolling contract

Thinking of settling down and no longer need multi-network connectivity? No problem. Not only are the tariffs simple and easy, you can cancel at any time. We don’t hold you to expensive data plans and contracts that you don’t need or use

Pay for what you use

We regularly check your data usage to ensure that you are on the best tariff for you. Our simple pay-as-you-go model is highly flexible, even allowing you to pool data across multiple devices to decrease data wastage.

Fixed IPs

Our SIMs are able to come with the additional security of a fixed or static IP address. This helpful capability means that you can always connect from a single IP address accessed through your VPN. This enhanced security feature helps you remain cyber secure when working or connecting assets to networks.

Portable Wi-fi

Portable routers are compatible with multi-network SIMs and can provide a stronger and more reliable connection than say for example a dongle that’s been provided by a typical consumer SIM provider. It also has the added benefit of being able to provide connectivity to multiple devices. This tends to be a more secure option than connecting devices to a Wi-fi hotspot when travelling, and more cost effective when using a multi-network SIM than creating a tether from your smartphone.

We see the rise of digital nomad working continue to be on an upward trend as more and more workers require flexibility and change to a typical working model. Here at Ritesim we work closely with various companies in different industries who require connectivity to enable remote working, to find out more information about how we can help you fill in the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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