What is a multi-network data SIM?

multi-network data sim

A multi-network data SIM card is different to a typical consumer SIM in multiple ways, the most obvious being that the SIM can connect to more than one mobile network at any one time, seamlessly switching between the strongest signal being presented in the SIMs location. This unique capability has driven a large growth in demand for multi-network SIMs, as the SIMs have a large number of benefits being realised by businesses.

What are they used for?

We’ve seen a real boom in multi-network SIMs being used in security and surveillance, retail, healthcare and renewable energy. The SIMs allow businesses to communicate remotely with their assets and installations, as well as providing remote workers ‘always on’ connectivity as the SIMs have a more than 99.99% uptime in being connected to the internet.

We’re also seeing businesses use the SIMs for failover and increasing their business resilience to internet outages. The SIMs can be bonded to create enhanced connectivity, or simply placed as a back up into devices to be used should a fixed line connection become unavailable.

Who should use a multi-network data SIM?

Businesses who rely on connectivity to operate their businesses. This could be those with remote or roaming workers, companies that have machinery and installations, those that require POS connectivity and much more. Due to their usefulness and reliability, multi-network data SIMs are increasingly being used in M2M applications and IoT deployments.

Key benefits of a multi-network data SIM

  • Resilient to network outages– Mobile networks suffer occasional outages and a multi-network Data SIMs can seamlessly switch between network providers
  • International usage– Our multi-network data SIMs can be used in 180+ countries across over 500 networks. Wherever you or your assets are in the world you can be connected all from a single tariff and contract
  • IoT Deployments – Prevent spamming large data costs with the control and flexibility that these SIMs provide with the dedicated connectivity control centre. Manage all the SIMs and devices from the cloud.
  • Fixed IPs– Our multi-network SIMs can have both public and private static IP addresses provided helping you maintain control of all your connections and devices
  • 5G– All our multi-network SIMs come 5G enabled ready for the new network when it becomes available
  • Aggregated Data and data pooling–Minimise overspend and overage by pooling your data across all your data or aggregating it from unused data
  • Steered multi-network SIMs– Need a SIM to always be connected to the strongest signal? Though our SIMs come unsteered as standard, we are able to steer a SIM to a network that always presents the strongest signal – making them ideal for failover use cases
  • Simple and flexible tariffs – We provide transparent and cost effective pricing across all of our tariffs and don’t tie you into long term contracts either. You can can cancel at any time with our rolling monthly contracts.

At Ritesim we are confident that our multi-network SIMs are a game changer for your internet connectivity needs and that we can find a solution that is ideal for your business. If you think you might need multi-network connectivity, simply click the link  below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to provide you with a quote.

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