A Guide to IoT deployments

iot deployment

At Ritesim, we understand IoT and want to make sure that your IoT deployments are secure, successful and effective.

There are multiple factors that feed into a successful IoT deployment, and as this growing industry continues to scale, we want to help our customers embrace the right connectivity, tools and strategies to be successful.


We offer test SIMs at Ritesim for all of our IoT customers, because we understand how important it is to design, test and prototype your deployments before they go live. Proof of concept is a critical stage in IoT deployment due to the complex and unyielding nature of connecting hundreds of thousands of connected devices and assets.

When designing your devices for market you need to ensure that they are scalable and adaptable to the changing nature of markets and we are equipped to support this critical process.


Working with a partner like Ritesim means you have a dedicated connectivity partner that can help navigate the complex and challenging world of IoT. As your IoT partner we can help you understand the type of network connectivity that is best suited to your devices and applications. Whether low power, 4G, satellite or mobile broadband, we can help you understand the requirements and source suitable connectivity solutions for your unique needs.

Throughout testing and prototyping, we can help you track and monitor your connectivity and ensure that it operating correctly and providing you with the information and data you need before deployment. We can also suggest options such as failover and bonding with multi-network connectivity for your business critical operations that may not be considered when sourcing connectivity from other suppliers.

Lifecycle Management

Throughout an IoT deployment the lifecycle and management of that cycle is critical to ensuring success. Through our dedicated control centre platform you can see the connection, data usage and remotely connect to your devices allowing you to control and manage your iot devices with ease. From testing and prototyping through deployment and decommission, we can help you manage your IoT devices from a simple and easy to use platform that can integrate with your own systems.


When deploying and managing your IoT devices, flexibility is key. As technology changes, networks upgrade, customer requirements change, flexibility needs to be embedded from the outset to meet and deal with these changes.

Not only is Ritesim highly flexible in its contracts, tariffs and services – we are a highly flexible and agile organisation, able to respond to our customers changing needs at pace and with ease. We don’t tie you into lengthy long term contracts or into inflexible tariffs, we can be as flexible as you need to ensure your deployments are successful.


Whether you only have a few devices, or need to deploy thousands, scalability is a key success factor with IoT deployments. A connectivity partner like Ritesim can help you with:

  • Flexible tariffs
  • SIMs sent directly to manufacturer
  • Same day connectivity activation
  • Monthly rolling contracts (cancel anytime)
  • Data aggregation and pooling
  • Multi-network connectivity
  • Remote SIM Provisioning
  • Dedicated cloud connectivity control platform

We can help you roll out your deployments in a manner that is best suited to you. The highly flexible contract terms allows for you to add or remove SIMs with ease. Whether you want to roll out globally in one go, or add regions and availability with each deployment or version, choosing a partner like Ritesim that can offer unprecedented flexibility in the industry is ideal.

Risk Management

With all IoT deployments, predictability, data analytics and device monitoring all help you to reduce your risk of failure with an IoT deployment. However there are multiple other factors that can help your IoT deployments be a success.

  • Multi-network connectivity – allows your connected devices to roam globally without incurring any additional roaming fees or need for additional contracts and tariffs. Ritesim multi-network SIMS can connect to over 500 networks in 180 countries from a single tariff.
  • Static IP addresses – ensure that you are always able to find, communicate and manage your devices with static public or private fixed IP SIMs.
  • Cyber Security – the use of embedded SIMs that are placed directly into a device, essentially makes them tamper-proof and can be accessed via a secure VPN tunnel vastly increases the security of these SIMs. However Ritesim SIMs also have OTA (Over The Air) provisioning for those that are not embedded allowing additional security updates and bug fixes as and when required for your devices.
  • Data Management and analytics – Successful IoT deployments rest on data and being able to manage that data. The more devices you have, the harder it is to keep track of costs, devices and remain organised. Using a platform such as Cisco-Jasper that provides complete transparency over costs, data usage and device management reduces the burden of labour to keep everything running as it should. You can set usage caps, alerts and notifications and remotely monitor every device from a simple platform.

For all things IoT, Ritesim are an ideal partner for you and your business and can help you and your deployments be successful. Get in touch using the contact form below for some free test SIMs and a bespoke quote for your IoT deployment connectivity.

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