Differences between Internet Bonding and Internet Failover

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For businesses looking to ensure their organization is afforded the highest levels of internet performance and reliability, understanding the key differences between internet bonding and internet failover is essential. Let’s break down the core differences between these two services and explore how each can help improve your organization’s online presence.

What is Internet Bonding?

Internet bonding combines multiple broadband connections into one unified connection for improved performance. This type of service enables you to use multiple internet connections simultaneously (bonded), allowing you to maximize bandwidth usage while also providing redundancy in case one connection fails. With bonded connections, you can easily scale up or down depending on your needs. For example, if you need more bandwidth for a large project, simply add additional connections as needed without worrying about latency or dropped packets. Additionally, most internet bonding services offer support for a variety of protocols including TCP/IP and UDP/IP and can also be accessed from a single Fixed IP address.

What is Internet Failover?

In contrast to internet bonding, which consolidates multiple connections into one unified connection, internet failover allows you to switch from one connection to another in the event of an outage or disruption in service. This type of service ensures that your business remains connected even when there are problems with one particular provider or connection type. Furthermore, most failover solutions allow you to configure specific criteria such as latency threshold or packet loss percentage as triggers that cause a switch from one connection to another.

Why Not Both?

Both internet bonding and failover can be powerful tools for improving the performance and reliability of your organization’s online presence. Depending on your specific needs, either solution could be ideal for ensuring optimal uptime and uninterrupted service delivery no matter what circumstances arise. Our recently launched SD-WAN Pro solution can provide internet failover and bonding from one router, allowing you to bond multiple connections of cellular, fixed line broadband and satellite connectivity to create the most resilient internet connectivity possible.

Here at Ritesim our unique connectivity and technical skill can create bespoke and highly resilient connectivity solutions for your business.

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