Real-Time Sports Analysis Through Global IoT SIMs

IoT football connections

Global connectivity for real-time sport analysis

Client Intro

Our client is a leader in the growing field of Sports Science. Their focus is providing state-of-the-art hardware and wearable devices that enable sport specific data to be collated in real-time.  Changing how their prospective clients view, understand and interact with live sport.

Our client wanted to target both Professional Sports Clubs and International Governing Bodies across the globe with their new game-changing sports service.

The Client’s Problem

This customer approached us in the start up stage of their business, requiring the following to enable full launch and product deployment:

·  IoT SIM card, able to connect globally at 4G speeds

· A guaranteed high-quality global connection leaving no Sports Club out of reach

· A flexible per GB used tariff

· One centralised management platform to track and monitor all IoT SIMs

· The ability to manage first-line customer service in-house.

The Ritesim Solution

In pairing a global, multi-network pay per use tariff with the Cisco Jasper connectivity control center, RiteSim were able to meet all of the customers needs.

In the 6 months since launch they have partnered with the leading equipment manufacturer in their field, and now supply service to 6 Premier Clubs and 2 International teams. As they have grown so has our relationship with them, with RiteSim providing a completely flexible tariff and solution that has allowed their connectivity to scale with their business.


The initial roll-out was for a small portfolio of IoT connections however as the business grew, additional connections were easily added to their connectivity plans, thanks to the intuitive Cisco Jasper platform, allowing the business to scale up quickly and at scale.

With their devices working seamlessly thanks to the high speed global connections, plus some glowing reviews, a busy 2021 seems to be in order and we’re looking forward to working with our client to support all their future connectivity needs.


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