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Our clients are major global broadcasters who require cellular connectivity for live streaming of news and sports content. To achieve high quality HD delivery they use at least 6 different SIMs in each device. Each SIM is designed to connect to as many networks as possible to ensure coverage of data. Their content is then bonded via the 6 SIMs for transmission to a data center, with the content then reformatted prior to delivery to the studio. This complex operation from camera to studio can take only milliseconds.


With such complexity, there were a number of problems which the broadcaster faced :-

  • The news/sports content could originate in any country in the world, therefore the tariff Ritesim provided needed to have global coverage
  • There was no monthly pattern of when the content will occur, so the tariff needs to have maximum flexibility to allow for off-season and major events
  • Required all networks available in all countries
  • Devices used could lay dormant and unused for a number of months, therefore the broadcaster wanted to reduce the expense of unused data.


Ritesim created a fully flexible global tariff which enables access to multiple tier- 1 networks in each region operated in. In each country, there can be as many as four 4G networks available for our client to access. The custom tariff also provides total flexibility so there is no charge for any SIM that uses zero data in any month. When 5G roaming becomes available this will be fully enabled ‘over the air’ on all SIMs provided.


RiteSim provided a fully flexible solution, giving our clients excellent global coverage provided through our first class tier 1 networks, almost guaranteeing no downtime. The custom tariff also means that our client won’t pay for any unused data, simply receiving a simple single bill from one supplier covering their actual usage across all the global networks.


To find our more about how Ritesim can provide you with a global flexible IoT tariff for your business needs, get in touch below!

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