The different types of IoT SIMs

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All the different types of IoT SIMs

Here at RiteSim all of our SIM cards have specific uses and features that offer unique benefits to a business looking to improve or start their IoT and M2M connectivity.

Whether you need an industrial SIM that can work in sub-zero temperatures, a SIM that can connect in any country globally, or you want to create your own private network, each IoT SIM Ritesim connects has a unique capability or feature that means you will always have the best connection possible for your business.

All of our IoT and M2M SIMs are enabled for 2G, 3G, 4G and when it arrives, 5G too. This means that all of your SIMs are not only compatible with any device in the world, they are also future- proofed as technology changes and updates.

We use 6 different SIM types here at Ritesim, below is a brief overview of each SIM and their unique benefits and uses.

3-in-1 form

2FF, 3FF, 4FF

These are global M2M SIM cards that can be used in most devices. The numbers refer to the size of the SIM:

2FF (mini), 3FF (micro), 4FF (nano) – each of which is compatible with any number of IoT and consumer devices. Each are designed to be able to easily operate with multi-network operators and carriers.These SIMs are enabled to be able to switch carriers with ease, ensuring you are always connected, even when roaming.

Remote SIM Provisioning cards (RSP SIM)

Sometimes referred to as an eSIM, these come in the same format as a typical consumer SIM that you would be familiar with. However these have the unique ability to change Network Operator Profiles Over-The-Air (OTA).

These SIMs reduce exposure to potentially restrictive roaming regulations, and additional costs of roaming as they are designed to change carriers easily through a single connectivity supplier. This removes the need to have different contracts with different suppliers as your device travels.

Industrial SIM cards

These durable and hard-wearing SIMS are created with ruggedized plastic, making them ideal for use with heavy machinery or in challenging conditions.

Able to operate in temperatures from -40C up to 105C, these can also be soldered into machinery, ensuring that they can withstand even the most challenging environments. We’ve got a great case study about the use of some of these SIMs that you can read here.


These IoT SIMs are designed for devices that don’t have a designated SIM slot, rather these are soldered directly into a device’s circuit board at manufacture.

Unlike an industrial SIM that can have a lifespan of up to ten years, these SIMs are delivered in air tight seals and have a lifespan of just 48 hours once opened unless resealed appropriately. These specialist SIMs can also be referred to as an eSIM, however these can take longer to be delivered and connected than an RSP SIM due to their specialist nature.

LTE-M Cards

LTE-M cards, also known as CAT-M runs on the LTE Network. The LTE network is a replacement/upgrade to 2G and is also used an alternative to NB-IoT.

Perfect for low-energy projects where you might want to reserve battery life for a remote device, these SIMs cap speeds at 10 megabits per second.

CAT-M as a roaming service is still quite limited globally in terms of availability as of Q1 2021, however this expected to grow exponentially as the value of this service is recognised and taken up throughout 2022. Get in touch below to find out more about which countries currently offer CAT-M networks.

Private Network with SIMs

All of the SIMs above provided by RiteSim come with the option to create your very own private network using the SIMs. Each SIM supports the creation of a secure and private VPN infrastructure, ensuring that your network is cyber-secure and accessible only by you.

Branded SIMs

Once you’ve chosen the right IoT SIM for you, businesses that are brand conscious may want to consider branding their SIMs. Enhance your overall brand experience of your connectivity, ensuring that every device is branded with your own network and SIM branding Cisco-Jasper.

Control of your connections

Perhaps the single best thing about these unique and specialised SIMs is the complete and total control over your connections you gain through our connectivity control center platform – Cisco Jasper. No matter which SIM you use, over any network, in any country, you will be able to access and manage your devices securely through the cloud-based platform.

Cisco -Jasper not only gives you real-time visibility and control over each of your SIMs, it provides you with advanced data analytics, giving you the opportunity to continuously optimise your data usage.

IoT SIM security

By using the optimum IoT SIM Card for your business, the award winning Cisco Jasper platform and cloud based infrastructure for your networks, not only will you benefit from complete control of your connections, you also unlock the cyber-security benefits that a holistic IoT solution brings to your business through its firewalls, secure SMS, white and blacklisting and much more.

Test our Global IoT SIMs for free

At RiteSim, we believe our premium products and solutions and excellent customer service are the only things you need to recognise the value that we can bring to your business. We’re happy for you to test any of our SIM cards to ensure they are right for you before signing up to one of our monthly rolling tariffs.

All Ritesim SIMs are deployed with data enabled and available in our connectivity control center, meaning you can start using and managing your device from day one.

To speak to one of our IoT experts, fill out the contact us form below.

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