Online Car Rental Company, Australia

  • August 16, 2018
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Telecoms connectivity drives growth and adds value

Client Intro

Our client are the world’s biggest online car rental service operating 53,000 locations in 160 countries and over 40 languages. They take 8m bookings a year working with close to 1,000 separate companies.

The Client’s Problem

As their customers rent vehicles online prior to travel, the client was looking to explore the possibility of upselling in-car wi-fi connectivity.

The main challenge was not the provision of the technology itself – it’s widely available – but rather the complex logistical issues to ensure that each driver could access the mobile wi-fi device before they left their home country. In addition, for the upselling to be successful, the device needed to have a very simple ‘plug & play’ installation process.

The Ritesim Solution

After a long consultation process taking in multiple stakeholders, senior management and technology companies, we decided to focus our solution on travellers originating from the UK, Australia, USA and Canada.

We built an online platform linked to the client’s car rental site which enabled all orders placed through the site to go direct to the relevant logistics centre. Once they received the order, the SIM and mobile device were dispatched the same day to ensure that every customer had their tech prior to travelling.


The system worked flawlessly and the upselling provided a new and lucrative revenue stream for the client as well as adding value to the end-user.