Digital Slot Machine Manufacturer, UK

  • August 18, 2018
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A bespoke portal adds new revenue streams

Client Intro

Established in 2004, our client is one of the UK’s biggest independently-owned developer and manufacturer of digital gaming machines for pubs, clubs and arcades. In addition, they are one of the fastest-growing developers of online and mobile slot games.

The Client’s Problem

They are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of digital gaming slot machines and they operate a B2B2B business model. As far as their communication was concerned, they had created what was essentially a homemade solution using local SIMs on standard consumer tariffs.

While their solution provided connectivity, the client had no control over the SIMs and the tariffs they were using were clumsy and poorly suited to their needs, especially within their business model. To compound the problem, they were using a local UK network which offered them not much more than 50% UK coverage.

The Ritesim Solution

We spent a considerable amount of time with the client, discussing their connectivity issues in granular detail in order for us to identify the problems and propose a solution. After going through the options with their management team, we created a bespoke tariff with a 13-month data plan linked to a portal which gave them the freedom to top-up the SIM with additional plans once the original period ended.

A roaming SIM solution offered the client multiple UK network partners which immediately solved the (lack of) coverage issue. We also provided private access to Cisco-Jasper, the market-leading connectivity management platform which gives clients the ability to manage Internet of Things-connected devices including offering real-time visibility of their entire SIM portfolio.


The Ritesim solution offered the client a 100% increase in national coverage as well as, for the first time, ensuring the business had a robust and scalable platform for connectivity with full visibility and reporting.