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A bespoke portal adds new visibility

Client Intro

One of the UK’s largest providers of digital gaming and slot machines to pubs, clubs and arcades nationally, our client needed to ensure that all of its equipment was online, all of the time. With WiFi connections not always being fully reliable, the client wanted to ensure that there was back-up connectivity to ensure their business continuity. RiteSim were happy to support them in sourcing high quality M2M cellular connections, decreasing their reliance on sometimes unstable Wi-Fi connections and ensuring that they were always open for business.

The Client’s Problem

Looking for a holistic solution, the customer had faced multiple issues previously requirements:

· Having launched their modems via local SIM cards, they encountered limited signal coverage

· Inflexible tariffs provided by the local networks

· Poor transparency in management and credit control of the SIMs in use

· Poor scalability after a period of rapid growth.

While their solution provided connectivity, the client had little control over the SIMs and the tariffs they were using were clumsy and poorly suited to their needs, especially within their business model. To compound the problem, they were using a local UK network which offered them not much more than 50% UK coverage.

The Ritesim Solution

Following a group workshop to understand their pain points, Ritesim proposed a simplified yet complete connectivity solution.

· A bespoke branded IoT connectivity portal was created providing real-time management, to enable the customer and their partners to immediately provision and then renew contracts when required. This was built as a front layer over the Cisco-Jasper connectivity management platform to which they also enjoyed unlimited access

· A tailored tariff with 12-month validity allowed for variations in data consumption from seasonality and software updates

· The tariff allowed coverage on multiple networks in the UK ensuring that all venues received the best possible signal strength from the same data SIM solution over 3G and 4G networks

· A second unique personalised tariff for their telematics modems. These only use a few MB per month and therefore required a lower cost and completely different tariff structure whilst still offering all of the same service benefits of above.


The Ritesim solution offered the client a 100% increase in national coverage as well as, for the first time, ensuring the business had a robust and scalable platform for connectivity with full visibility and reporting.


“Working with RiteSim has quickly become a very positive relationship. Proactive and helpful, they worked with us initially to create a solution that was entirely tailored to our unique needs. This relationship has only improved and strengthened following their hands-on supportive approach to helping us scale up seamlessly through periods of growth and also streamline our connectivity needs in response to the global pandemic.”

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