IoT Real-Time Data and Analytics for Advertising Agencies, Europe

Real-time visibility improves efficiency & drives revenues

Client Intro

Our client is a high-profile digital agency based in the northwest of England. They specialise in web development, marketing and PR for the B2C and retail sector. As part of their service, they operate digital advertising screens in retail shopping malls across Europe. As part of their offering, customers also regularly request IoT/cellular connectivity for a new projects with in-store applications.

The Client’s Problem

In the fast paced advertising industry, the analysis of footfall determines which adverts are shown on specific digital screens at any given time. In order to maximize revenues, our client needs to respond virtually instantly to live data, creating a need for real-time connectivity. In some locations, prospective advertisers bid for slots based on the analysis of the footfall in flight, and so, the advertising devices need a fail-safe 4G connectivity solution across multiple locations. 

Our client was using local UK consumer SIMs as opposed to tailored IoT SIMs that weren’t designed for such heavy use, nor did they offer any type of visibility or reporting on what was being used.

The Ritesim Solution

After a  brief consultation process, RiteSim’s solution entailed a combination of high-quality, multi-network connectivity utilising M2M/IoT SIMs with 4G speeds available across all locations. We also implemented real-time visibility of their entire portfolio of IoT SIMs via the diagnostic tools in the Cisco-Jasper platform, the market-leading connectivity management platform which gives clients the ability to manage Internet of Things-connected devices including offering real-time visibility of their entire SIM portfolio.

In addition we created a custom rolling global tariff whereby the client incurred zero cost providing any connection wasn’t used within a calendar month.


The initial roll-out was for a small portfolio of IoT connections, however as the business grew, additional connections were easily implemented which allowed the business to scale up quickly and exponentially whilst maintaining the visibility and control of all their connections.


For more information about how RiteSim can help you create tailor-made IoT connections for you and your business get in touch below!

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