Live Broadcasting Using Bespoke IoT Solution, Global

‘No use, no charge’ tariff creates total freedom

Client Intro

Our client is a major global news agency with office’s in all the world’s major cities. They produce broadcast content for TV channels globally, as well as being one of the world’s most visited online news and entertainment providers.

The Client’s Problem

Like all news broadcasters, our client has to be extremely responsive to breaking news stories and ready to share content quickly from around the world. Our client needed a reliable, fast and cost effective solution to support it’s need for multiple connectivity requirements.

Previously to working with Ritesim, our client had been using The Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) via satellite to live-stream external broadcasts. However they had been  experiencing regular drop-outs and service interruptions, especially from more remote regions.

With the ever increasing demand for content, video and live pictures as events unfold, the news broadcaster found that ‘renting’ GSM satellite time was becoming prohibitively expensive. They needed a solution that reduced expenditure, and allowed for larger numbers of journalists to report from the field without reducing the quality of service.

The Ritesim Solution

After a lengthy tender process, consultation and internal briefing the complexity of the project was clear. Ritesim however, were able to provide a connectivity solution that encompassed everything they needed. Above all, the multi-network solution needed to be of the very highest quality without being steered to any one specific provider, ensuring that our client could broadcast from anywhere in the world without incurring excessive fees. By utilising our our global M2M/IoT SIMs, and building a custom tariff, Ritesim were able to provide a singular and holistic IoT connectivity solution that met all of our client’s requirements.

Additionally, a custom tariff was created so that no charges were incurred when the SIMs were not in use. Coupled with access to the award winning Cisco-Jasper connectivity portal which provided real-time information and reporting on all active connections across their global portfolio. 


The client was so confident with the global connectivity solution Ritesim provided, they used it during a three-week outside broadcast in Iraq in the autumn of 2017, following the conflict to recapture the city of Mosul. The solution allowed the broadcaster to have total freedom in when, where and for how long live streams were broadcast and saved a considerable amount of money on rented satellite time.

To find out more about how RiteSim can create global custom connectivity solutions for you that will save you expense and ensure you’re always connected, get in touch below!

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