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New revenue stream by unlocking IoT

Client Intro

Our clients are major providers of equipment for the global exhibition industry. The Covid-19 global pandemic had a massive impact on their business as travel and exhibitions came to a world-wide halt in March 2020. Between March and June 2020 our client adapted the technology they usually use inside exhibition halls for use in major department stores to control footfall.

The Client’s Problem

To measure footfall and to control the number of people in a store at any one time, every entry and exit point needed to be monitored with data instantly available. The entry and exit points were all external to the store, therefore the footfall control would only work effectively with a secure and always-on internet connection.

The Ritesim Solution

We were contacted during the early days of the March-June 2020 lockdown and proposed a mutli-network cellular solution with a flexible bespoke tariff. All the testing processes had to be managed remotely and by June 2020 the first prototypes were delivered to stores ready to be operational in time for the re-opening of stores in the UK. Critically, data could be accessed in real-time through the connectivity control center, Cisco-Jasper, which enables our clients to have complete visibility of all their connections and SIMs across the many stores this technology is used.


As of Q1 2021, over 200 stores have now been set-up with the adapted technology. In each store site there are multiple entry and exit points, all monitored through the technology and connectivity provided by Ritesim and our client. The solution has worked well, and the flexibility of the global tariff has enabled our customer to build on their UK success. They have now expanded their market outside of the UK and sell similar technology across Europe and the USA.

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