Why you should choose cellular connectivity for IoT

Whether you’re looking at telemetry projects, fleet tracking, security cameras or on a more basic level, looking to ensure that your devices are always connected; Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) is a solution that could be perfect for you.

Cellular technologies and solutions have been created with an emphasis for reliability, scalability and enhanced security. When utilising Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) as a solution, not only are you unlocking all of these benefits, you’re also ensuring a faster-time-to-value as the technology is built on existing infrastructure and technology that ensures excellent IoT coverage. This reduces the need for you to invest in new infrastructure and setting up new connections. The technology can be used almost immediately to start generating value.


CIoT solutions can come in many different formats depending on what is needed for your business, and can be inclusive of things such as management platform tools, devices and SIM cards. Coverage across network providers is increasingly advancing, with cellular connectivity now available in remote areas, underground and across vast distances.

Global Tariffs

A real benefit of using a Ritesim M2M SIM for CIoT is the global tariff options and data pools. With your SIM able to connect with multiple network providers when roaming, having a predetermined cost for the use of data across the providers gives you peace of mind that you won’t be hit with large roaming fees should you connect to another network. It also gives valuable insights to be able to plan your data usage and costs for future use and planning.

The use of data pools can provide you with a fixed cost for your data usage across any number of SIMs and connections, whereas other options include only paying for the data you use in flexible rolling contracts as opposed to being tied into long fixed cost contracts with lots of data wastage.

The single greatest advantage to using M2M SIMs for IoT connectivity – you don’t need individual contracts with each network operator you use in each country. Each M2M SIM comes with one singular invoice but with connections to any number of providers that can provide you with the strongest signal.

CIoT and the cloud

When considering CIoT, you also need to consider that the technology also benefits from cloud technology. Our IoT SIMs come connected to our connectivity control center platfrom – Cisco Jasper. An award winning cloud based tool that gives you advanced real-time analytics and reporting for each one of your connected SIMs.

The use of the cloud in this technology demonstrates its true value when you look at the sheer volume of data IoT devices generate. Access to the cloud allows this data to travel around the world in mere seconds providing businesses with actionable insights that they can act upon without delay.

Through the use of the cloud, your business no longer has huge infrastructure costs to enable the storage and analysis of the data from your IoT devices. Working from the cloud environment improves the overall service and value of utilising cellular connectivity for your business as IoT SIMs offer an excellent choice for uninterrupted data transfer between devices and applications, even when roaming.

Enhanced security

Perhaps the least spoken of benefit of CIoT is the enhanced security that it offers to your connections. The SIMs offer end-to-end security keeping data private and secure. Additionally, the SIMs provide the flexibility to be able to provide fixed IP addresses, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and private APNs – all providing additional levels of security to your devices and assets.

Here at Ritesim we pride ourselves on the security and connectivity of our IoT solutions, ensuring that our IoT SIMs can connect to any network privately via 2G,3G,4G, LTE-M and 5G (when it arrives) across any country or region.

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