Why you need M2M SIM cards for fleet tracking

Are you taking advantage of the benefits that cellular IoT and M2M SIMs can provide when tracking your vehicles and assets?

Tracking by its very name requires you to be able to track an item in real-time. You need to know where your vehicle is and possibly information about that vehicle also. In today’s always-on’ world, real-time tracking is fast becoming the norm. Across multiple use cases, the ability to instantly see where your vehicle is, in order to perhaps provide estimated delivery times to a customer requires an ‘always-on’ connectivity solution.

Traditional connectivity

NB-IoT and CAT-M connectivity was designed with a specific purpose, to be used in low throughput devices and to provide connectivity in scenarios where the device battery cannot be charged and needs to last years at a time. Situations where possible downtime or delays in connectivity typically don’t have a large impact to service in this usage are suitable for this type of connectivity.

If however, your vehicle is travelling across large distances regularly, the chances are that your traditional connectivity solution is not able to connect with Multiple-Network Operators from a single SIM and therefore is unable to provide you with the real time analytics you need.

This is where Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) can provide real value to you and your business. Deployed into vehicles and devices through multi-network enabled SIM cards, they are able to connect to multiple network providers globally, ensuring that your vehicle always has a strong and stable connection.

Additional benefits to CIoT includes the connectivity control center platform that is provided. The cloud based tool gives advanced real-time analytics and reporting that allows you to see where all of your vehicles are anywhere in the world at any given time.


M2M SIMs come in a variety of sizes and formats and are compatible with any device that requires a SIM card. They come future-proofed for emerging technologies such as LTE-M/CAT-M and 5G, reducing the need to replace/upgrade your investments as technology changes and evolves.

With guaranteed up-times of 99%+ and the ability to connect to as many as 10 different networks at any one time, ensuring that you always have the strongest signal possible, M2M SIMs are continuously proving their value not just for fleet tracking but in the tracking of any assets across the world.

Enhanced security

Perhaps the least spoken of benefit of CIoT is the enhanced security that it offers to your connections. The SIMs offer end-to-end security keeping data private and secure. Additionally, the SIMs provide the flexibility to be able to provide fixed IP addresses, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and private APIs – all providing additional levels of security to your devices and assets.

Global tariffs

A real benefit of using a Ritesim M2M SIM for fleet tracking is the global tariff options and data pools. With your SIM able to connect with multiple network providers when roaming, having a predetermined cost for the use of data across the providers gives you peace of mind that you won’t be hit with large roaming fees should you connect to another network. It also gives you insight to be able to plan your data usage and costs for future use.

The use of data pools can provide you with a fixed cost for your data usage across any number of SIMs whereas other options include only paying for the data you use as opposed to being tied into long fixed cost contracts.

The single greatest advantage to using M2M IoT SIMs for global asset and vehicle tracking – you don’t need individual contracts with each network operator you use. Each M2M SIM comes with one singular invoice but with connections to any number of providers that can provide you with the strongest signal.


Here at Ritesim, we offer multiple connectivity solutions and pride ourselves in the quality of our connections. If you would like to discuss your vehicle tracking requirements with us, fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch right away.



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