Telemetry & Asset Tracking Company, UAE

  • August 16, 2018
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Special tariffs provides savings and enhanced security

Client Intro

As one of the leading telematics service providers in the entire Gulf region, our client’s business covers fleet management, location-based services, M2M remote communication and GPS and satellite-based online tracking and monitoring for vehicles, assets and workforce.

The Client’s Problem

Based in the United Arab Emirates, our client are one of the leading telemetry and asset tracking businesses in the Middle East. As a burgeoning company, they started off using connectivity solutions provided by local networks but none offered any type of control over what was a growing SIM portfolio.

The monthly data usage was low so cost wasn’t critical, however in our initial assessment, one issue became clear. The local networks they were using were rounding each session up to the nearest 100kb. With multiple daily sessions and every time a session closed the data use was rounded up, the company was paying for huge amounts of data they weren’t using.

The Ritesim Solution

We created a bespoke tariff designed for a SIM using less than 2MB/month and we negotiated a deal with a Tier-1 Network Operator for a multiple-network roaming SIM that included rounding up to the nearest 1kb. As a company operating all over the Gulf region, Cisco-Jasper – the market-leading connectivity management platform which gives clients the ability to manage Internet of Things-connected devices – allowed them to take real-time control of each SIM.

An additional feature which added to an already secure network was IMEI pairing. As the SIMs were used in the company’s vehicles and other mobile assets, the Ritesim solution locked each SIM to the IMEI number of the modem so that the SIM couldn’t be removed. Even if it was, it couldn’t be used in any other device.


Our solution has been in place for over three years and as well as an original 99% saving on the cost of rounded-up data sessions, the system now tracks thousands of assets across the entire Middle East which can all be monitored in real-time.