Drilling & Blast Operator Boosts Remote Connectivity

Multi-network connectivity removes blank spots

Client Intro

Based on Norway’s southern peninsula, our client is one of Scandinavia’s premier drilling and blast services operators. The company operates all over the region, including deep inside the Arctic Circle and employs around 250 staff.

The Client’s Problem

The company own, manage and operate an extensive fleet of heavy-duty drilling machines used for terrestrial and offshore drilling and exploration across Scandinavia. Often in some of the remotest and coldest areas of northern Europe.

Each machine they use is fitted with a modem and is required to transmit information at set times to a central data centre. They were using a local Norwegian SIM, but quickly realised that by using a SIM on a single network, there were blank spots in their coverage, often at crucial times. With such specific information that needed to reach its destination at exact times, this was not a situation that could be tolerated.

The Ritesim Solution

After a full analysis of the locations in which the drilling machines operated, two solutions were identified. The first using satellite connectivity, the second used a multi-network roaming M2M SIM.

After careful consideration, our client chose the second option, opting for a roaming SIM. With this option, the Ritesim team created a fully bespoke tariff which met the client’s connectivity requirements exactly. Crucially, it also eliminated the blank spots that had put a constant strain on their operations.


Ritesim have now been working closely with our client for a number of years and as at Q1 2021, they have over 500 machines transmitting daily data from over 300 locations spread across northern Scandinavia.


To find out more about how RiteSim can help you ensure you always have the best connectivity, in in the most remote of places, get in touch below!



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