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Centralised control enables global growth

Client Intro

With offices on every continent except Antarctica, our client is the world’s leading customer experiences provider working with the biggest brands in the world to acquire, engage and retain the most demanding and choice-rich customers. 

The Client’s Problem

Our client operates lounges for over 90 of the world’s biggest airlines at almost every major airport in the world. In each airport lounge, point-of-sale machines are used to connect to a central server to validate the membership credentials of each guest prior to entry. If connectivity between the POS machine and the central server fails, the guest is given free access.

Our client was using the airport’s wi-fi as the core mode of connection and if possible, using local SIMs in each location. Naturally this was wholly unsatisfactory and virtually impossible to manage. The initial appraisal suggested that the POS machines were only connected for 80% of the time and since there was no central visibility, troubleshooting was non-existent. Each issue had to be dealt with locally rather than from a centralised location.

The Ritesim Solution

To solve their issues with connectivity, we used state-of-the-art GSM multi-network roaming technology. It is far more robust than standard airport wi-fi and the solution offered the client more flexibility and control than they had using the local SIMs.

Head office now has real-time visibility in every one of their airport lounges across the globe and ably support by our customer service team, they have full control of every one of their worldwide portfolio of connected POS machines.


Since GSM multi-network roaming technology was rolled-out, connectivity has increased to 99.9% and the company saves hundreds of thousands of pounds annually by not having to provide free entry now that connectivity issues are virtually non-existent.

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