International SIM Card Provider, India

Customised product builds brand value and removes channel stocking risk

Client Intro

Our client was the first telecoms company in India to receive a DoT (Department of Telecom) licence for selling international SIM cards. Today they are one of the world’s leading providers of pre-paid international SIM cards.

The Client’s Problem

Our client was looking for a bespoke 30-day, pan-European solution to provide fixed data bundles (1MB, 3MB and 5MB) for Indian tourists coming to Europe. The products were sold through a variety of retail channels and required simplicity, no complicated registration procedures, the ability to be branded dependent on the vendor and most importantly, a long validity period so stock in channel didn’t devalue over time.

They had researched the market looking at a whole host of prepaid consumer products but none had every required element.

The Ritesim Solution

After a lengthy consultation where we discussed all of their available options, we put together a proposal that met (and in fact, exceeded) all of their requirements. As the solution provided for all SIMs to be remotely provisioned, the client could stock blank SIMs and provision them when required. The branding solution was achieved by using the clients’ artwork and over-printing the SIMs during the manufacturing process.


By provisioning SIMs only when needed, cash-flow improved dramatically for both our client and their resellers and overall, the Ritesim solution has enabled our client to dominate the pre-paid European data market in India.

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