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What is a Connectivity Control Center Platform?

A Connectivity Control Center platform is a cloud- based tool that allows organisations to launch, manage and control Internet of Things (IoT) connections, providing visibility and real-time control for connected services and businesses.

Regardless of where you deploy and how many IoT devices you build, a Connectivity Control Center Platform is a must-have tool for businesses and organisations that rely on cellular connectivity for their operations.

Cellular connected devices use a range of data package sizes and a variety of technologies to enable connectivity. They may also frequently change networks and carriers. A Connectivity Control Center platform gives users a holistic real-time overview of all the connections a business has.

Here at RiteSIM we offer all of our customers access to the multi- award winning platform -Cisco Jasper- which gives customers complete control over their connections.

Below we’ve shared a few of the most useful benefits using a platform like Cisco Jasper can give to a business.

Why use a Connectivity Control Center Platform?

With IoT SIMs and devices, you could potentially have an endless number of SIMs, data tariffs and countries you are operating in. Using a platform such as Cisco Jasper will be the biggest tool in your toolbox when it comes to managing it all.

All of your SIMs and devices have a lifespan from launch through to retirement, but tools like Cisco Jasper allow you to mange them throughout that lifecycle. The ability to track, configure and manage all of your connections becomes invaluable in an IoT world.

Because a platform such as Cisco Jasper gives you real-time information, no matter where or what your device is doing, the intuitive and comprehensive interface gives you the option to set data caps, automate usage, receive alerts or simply switch off a device, giving you complete and total control of your connections.

Manage hard to reach devices

With a cloud- based platform like Cisco Jasper, you don’t need to establish new integrations and set up new contracts with networks every time you set up in a new region. Instead of juggling multiple carrier contracts for each deployment, you get a single, transparent and completely flexible monthly rolling contract with no hidden costs.

Security and reliability

A Connectivity Control Center Platform is a huge asset for the security of your devices. Often low-tech devices that require IoT SIMs don’t come fully equipped with up-to-date cybersecurity technology. This however can be combated by securing your connections, by locking your SIMs to their respective devices, and utilising VPNs and fixed private IP addresses that can all be managed through your Connectivity Control Center Platform interface.


Using Cisco Jasper’s comprehensive suite of API’s you can seamlessly integrate the control of your connectivity into your existing back-end systems. Using the API, you can perform any of the tasks that you need to through the Control Center’s web interface, such as provisioning, monitoring usage, labelling and sending SMS messages to a device.

Truly global connectivity

Wherever you have a device, you most likely will want that device to be enabled and live right away. With IoT SIMs that are integrated with your cloud- based platform, you are automatically set up with carriers around the world, meaning you can access, 2G, 3G and 4G networks (including LTE-M) from day one. If you expect your SIM to be travelling across regions, your device can automatically connect to the most appropriate network carrier for you, reducing your roaming and data connection costs exponentially.


SIM cards come in lots of different formats and sizes. They can also be tailored to your device through different materials, branding and durability. Specialised SIMs also need a platform to manage them, arguably more so when they are placed in remote locations and not so easy to get to. Using a Connectivity Control Center Platform is a failsafe for your devices, ensuring that they are always receiving the best coverage for the best price, no matter the type of SIM or where you are using it.

Here at RiteSim, we pride ourselves on our flexible and tailored approach to IoT connectivity, ensuring that you are able to build the connections you need to grow your business. We offer your own bespoke interface to the Cisco Jasper platform, enabling you to have complete control over all your connections.

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