CCTV and IoT – What you should know

CCTV connectivity

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are essential for security in a variety of settings, from businesses to homes. However, traditional CCTV systems have a number of limitations, including the need for a wired connection to the internet. This can make them difficult to install and maintain, and it can also make them vulnerable to hacking. Connectivity […]

The Impact of IoT in Smart Farming

farming in iot

By 2050, farmers must produce 70% more food, according to the UN, in order to feed the population. Farmers are currently dealing with a number of issues, including a labour shortage, rising demand, and issues relating to agriculture like the soil degrades and loses its capacity to support as healthy crops over time. In order […]

A Guide to IoT deployments

iot deployment

At Ritesim, we understand IoT and want to make sure that your IoT deployments are secure, successful and effective. There are multiple factors that feed into a successful IoT deployment, and as this growing industry continues to scale, we want to help our customers embrace the right connectivity, tools and strategies to be successful. Testing […]