Multi-Network SIMS and Remote Working

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In 2020 many people’s life experienced an unexpected disruption due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, organisations were forced into looking for a new way to operate, while also upkeeping the safety of all staff, the answer was an acceleration of the previously slowly adopted trend into remote working. This trend was also seen in the need for remote asset and device management. Connected things were no longer local, with blanket travel restrictions nationally and internationally. Distance and control were now an issue. As we step into a new normal we explore whether multi-network SIMs can help support business in the new remote working world.

 What is happening  

The concept of remote working is here to stay, while many economies and industries have slowed as a result of the global pandemic, Internet of Things (IoT) & technology has seen a boom, ushering in a new style of working. The need to remotely work across all industries many sectors has driven a demand for connectivity, as more people look to stay connected not only with other people but also with their assets and devices from remote places. 

We can predict that as remote working becomes the norm, organisations will look to improve the capabilities of their remote workforce, one of which is a secure reliable internet connection.

As businesses look to increase their internet resilience, Ritesim believes that a multi-network SIM provides a business with the ability to provide a highly resilient and secure connection due to its unique ability to always connect to the strongest network available.

 How it benefits you 

Businesses across the globe, regardless of industry, are seeing the advantages of multi-network connectivity, which  aid in ensuring that not only their workforce is always connected, but their devices too.

Perhaps more helpfully, the multi-network SIMS are connected to a real-time connection control centre like Cisco-Jasper to assist businesses in being able to understand its data use and management for their workforce, as well as analytics for linked assets and devices,. Able  to make modifications over-the-air to any connected device, our unique SIMs are also able to come set up with Fixed or Public Static IP addresses and secure VPN connections.

Here at Ritesim we work closely with various companies in different industries who require connectivity to enable remote working and remote device management. To find out more information about how we can help you, get in touch below!-


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