What is an IoT SIM?

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An IoT SIM  can resemble the SIM card that you will be used to seeing in your own personal smartphone. The key differences between an IoT SIM and consumer use SIM are outlined below:


An IoT SIM can connect to multiple different 4G and 5G networks automatically. Inbuilt with multi-network connectivity, an IoT SIM can connect to any network provider that is currently presenting the strongest signal. These SIMs are typically un-steered, however it is possible to programme the SIM to a single provider who is known to have the best coverage in an area.

IoT SIMs can also be used across different types of networks, inclusive of 2G, CAT-M and low power networks. These are typically used in use cases such as asset tracking and monitoring equipment. We have a couple of great case studies about this here.


  • A typical IoT SIM will come in the standard Micro, mini and nano (MFF) format, and will look almost identical to a consumer SIM. However an IoT SIM can also be embedded into hardware as an industrial SIM. These are typically made with ruggedised plastic and can be more durable than a typical IoT SIM.
  • Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP SIMs) can sometimes be mistaken for an eSIM. These SIMs reduce roaming restrictions should you have a device that needs to travel across countries and regions, allowing you to use data from a single tariff without needing to switch contracts.
  • Private Network SIMs or Fixed/Static IP SIMs allow you to directly talk to your devices, as you are able to create private secure connections through a VPN (usually IPsec)

We go into much further detail about IoT SIM types and formats in a related post here.


IoT SIMs are able to be controlled via a connectivity control centre platform. This is extremely helpful when you have a large number of IoT SIMs in devices, as the dedicated portal allows you to review, manage and update all of your data and devices. The control centre platform is key to helping you manage any IoT deployments as it gives you the ultimate control of your data and usage that is not available to you via a consumer usage network.

Cost and flexibility

When using a simple monthly rolling contract like those offered at Ritesim, you will typically see an overall reduction in cost for your data usage. There is also the added benefit of not being tied to a long term contract. This gives you the ultimate freedom in your connectivity and cost. As Ritesim are specialised in  cellular IoT data for business use, you can also benefit from things such as data pooling, low data tariffs, and pay-as-you-use deals that are exclusive offers to an IoT SIM.

We have a free eBook available to download that gives a comprehensive overview to the world of IoT SIMs that can downloaded here. 

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