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The Business Leaders' Guide to Cellular IoT


eBook: All you need to know about the world of IoT connectivity and what it means for your business.

Your Guide to Cellular IoT

Here at Ritesim, we understand that not everyone has the knowledge and understanding they need to navigate the world of IoT connectivity. Even more so when looking for a cellular IoT solution. With so many questions that you will need answers to, such as what is cellular IoT? What tariff do I need? What SIM do I need? How do I get started? We’re here to help you as your connectivity partner to create the solution you need for your business.

By downloading this eBook you’ll gain:

  • An overview of Cellular IoT as a connectivity solution
  • What CIoT is used for in use cases and applications
  • Specific types of IoT Networks
  • Knowledge of the different types of IoT SIMs
  • IoT cyber resilience and security information
  • Control of your connections with a connectivity control center
  • The advanced data analytics that are key to your IoT success
  • The future of IoT and what it can mean for your business.

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Why customers choose us

Product Quality

  • All of our connectivity is provided by Tier 1 Network Operators who own their infrastructure
  • Our data SIM cards are controlled in real-time using the industry leading IoT management platform
  • Additional security features that we offer are controlled through our managed servers
  • We have complete control of our products and services

We make business easy

At Ritesim we like to keep things simple and act quickly

  • We will create the tariff structure that you want
  • Benefit from our flexible monthly terms
  • No minimum order quantities
  • No unnecessary account set up or activation fees
  • Data SIM cards with no limitations
We want to keep your business through quality product and service
We know connectivity, so you don’t have to

We keep adding value

  • We have been connectivity specialists for 8 years and support over a million connected assets across numerous IoT verticals, globally, on land, air and sea.
  • We like to use this experience and access to new technologies to continually improve our customers solutions and future proof their business.
  • We support all configurations for M2M like IPSec and fixed IP addresses, so you can implement the solutions you need.

Are we the right partner to grow your business?

For all your IoT and connectivity needs, we’re here to give you the flexible and tailored connectivity solution that’s right for you and your business.
Send us your question and someone from our management team will be your first point of contact.

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